Important Tips to Remember as You Repaint Your House

Repainting a house can boost the resale value and improve the overall appearance of your house. However, one of the common mistakes that homeowners make as they paint their homes is when they start doing this project without giving too much thought and plans for this. As a result, properties get damaged and becomes unattractive. If you’re planning to paint your house soon, then check out the following guidelines you may use to guarantee that the best results will be long-lasting.  


Select the right time 

The patterns of your local weather can also greatly affect the outcome. Except there’s a need to paint your house to sell it as soon as you can, you have to paint your outdoor walls at the warmest times of the year. On the other hand, those people living in a wet environment must prevent major storms since the paint would only have a hard time drying. If this happens, you’re boosting the risk of runs and drips.  

Invest in high-end gear 

Even when you’ll only be using the tools a couple of times throughout the years, you still have to invest in high-end painting tools and equipment. This won’t just make your job a lot simpler, but it’ll also help enhance the ultimate results. Or at least, you must invest in professional-grade electric mixers, spray guns, paint, and rolls. As you buy primer and paint, you might have to consult with a professional residential painter who can provide you the best recommendations about the products that can potentially last for a long time the most according to your local climate.  

Look at designs and colors 

A lot of various variables should be considered as you select which designs and colors you would want to utilize and apply on your walls. If you’re one of those people who want to sell their houses sooner or later, it would be best if you stick to neutral colors like light brown, blue, cream, and yellow and relatively simple designs. For property owners who don’t want to sell their homes, you can choose whatever you prefer to use. The rule of thumb is that earth tones are the best option for stone and brick surfaces. Moreover, you can opt for brighter colors on the fixtures and cut pieces to highlight the most attractive features of your house.  

Preparing the surfaces 

The preparation work may be one of the aspects of home repainting that you should focus on and plan more. Painting a house is pretty easy, however, preparing the outdoor and indoor walls for the paint can be somehow difficult especially if you don’t have any idea how to actually do it. You need to start your renovations by taking out fixtures and cleaning all the exposed surfaces. When you plan on eliminating any stubborn paint, then you need to make sure that the walls are totally bare and only the brick, siding, or wood below can be seen. According to the paint type you will be using, you may also have to apply one or a few coats of high-end primer.  

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