7 Types of Doors 

When it comes to constructing any building, doors should be thought of carefully because it’s an important element of the house. After the roofing system, the doors provide you with the security and safety you need. The purpose of the house is to give us shelter and safety right? That’s why it’s critical for us to choose the type of door we are going to install.  

Types of Doors 

When you design the interior of the house, the door plays an important role. Aside from the security and safety it adds, it’s also responsible for the aesthetics appeal of the house. The door should at least provide the proper ventilation and lighting to the rooms in your house. It’s also a noise barrier. There are different types of doors, and in this article we will talk about the types based on the materials used.   

Timber or Wooden Door 

What we usually on a typical home is timber or wooden door. It’s mostly used for interior door applications like door to a bedroom or bathroom. This type of door provides security, insulation and soundproofing. It’s easy to install, and the maintenance is not also costly. You can also choose many designs and carvings.   

Glass Doors 

If you want more natural light to come through your home, the glass door is a good option. It adds beauty, richness and light to any doorway of any building. If you want a glass door for the front door, you can choose the cut glass panel one. Even though it has great benefits, the downside of this door is that it can be easily broken.   

Wrought Iron Door 

This type of door is rare on residential homes, but you can see it on government buildings, castles and mansions. However, if you want your home to look sophisticated with added security and safety, you can opt for iron front doors Fort Worth. This type is mostly used on exterior application.   

Steel Door 

Steel doors are both good for exterior and interior applications. This is made of steel as its face or base material but it also has a foam core for the insulation. Compare to other doors and next to wrought iron door, steel doors are very strong.   

PVC Door 

If you want a door for the garage or your storage area, PVC is a great option. Most homes also use this type of door in their bathrooms. PVC doors are lightweight and easy to install. It’s available in different colors and designs. Although it looks simple, it’s also beautiful. It doesn’t corrode too, which means you won’t have to worry much about the maintenance. Plus, it’s also scratch proof!   

Fiberglass Door 

Fiberglass door types are commonly used for exterior purposes. You can also choose different designs. There are also different styles and shapes. This type of door is durable and strong.   

Aluminum Glazed Door 

This type of door is commonly used in commercial buildings. It’s really strong and durable that’s why it’s mostly used for security purposes.  

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