Granite vs. Marble

Marble and granite this material are both natural they have a lot of similarities and they also have a lot of differences both have a timeless beauty and rich appeal since they are both natural stone they will look beautiful in any room and can easily blend to your paint, cabinets, and furniture. Hartford granite and marble provides a variety of colors, design, and texture of this beautiful stone and since they are all natural materials they really need to be installed properly be experts to avoid any complications and they need to be taken care of and maintained properly.

Granite vs. Marble


Both granite and marble are beautiful and elegant. Granite offers a lot of variety f colors and specks it has a few grains and the color of granite ranges from medium to darker shades like red, orange, green, blue and a whole lot more. And the marble stone has its marble pattern which consists of usually two or more mixture of colors it is like mixing liquid colors and you get that marble effect. Marble can be gray, blue, and its veins vary it can be a mix of gray and pink or gray and blue.


Granite is harder compared to marble so the granite is more resistant to pressure, heat, and scratches. Both of these stone materials is porous so it is just important to have a professional seal it properly because if ever it is not sealed properly it will cause stains that leads o bacteria to build up and it might chip or crack both stone material. Both marble and granite are heat resistant but just make sure not to let a heavy object fall on them because they can crack.


Granite stone can resist harmful chemicals that it can go in contact to unlike marble the marble needs to avoid chemicals since it can absorb it quickly and it can be toxic and damage your marble it color may fade as well. So make sure in getting a marble as a countertop it should be taken care of and maintained properly. Granite are scratch resistance but marble is not so made sure that when you are slicing something it won’t go near your marble since it is not scratch proof and when you spill liquids on it especially when cleaning avoid harmful chemicals since our marble might absorb it quickly and breaks off its seal.


Marble countertops are the price they can cost $100 per square foot and that depends on the color and the quality. Marble is expensive compared to granite countertops; granite countertop can just cost around $75 to per square foot. And marble countertops are prone to repairs if not taken care of properly it is important o leave it to the professionals for installments so it can be sealed and treated properly. Marble countertops are also high in maintenance so you need to make sure to clean it and care for it avoids harmful chemicals and always check your cleaning materials since it cannot withstand chemicals.

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